BIO 2021

The Swedish composer Marie Samuelsson creates chamber-, orchestra- and opera music, often with innovative sound elements and electronics. Her works emerge in close collaboration with prominent musicians, often specializing in contemporary art music. Samuelsson’s music is performed at festivals, concerts, on radio/TV by ensembles and orchestras in Sweden and internationally. Recent years have seen Samuelsson collaborating with major orchestras in Sweden and ensembles abroad such as The Sound Ensemble in Seattle, The New European Ensemble from Holland, MDR Sinfonieorchester and conductor Kristjan Järvi in Leipzig. The orchestra piece Eroseffect and Solidarity, Love Trilogy- no. 3 was performed by Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, USA with conductor Sarah Ioannides. Notions was part of the concert program at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, with New Juilliard Ensemble, conducted by Joel Sachs.
Five seasons was first premiered at the Baltic Sea festival by Musica Vitae and The Crane’s beak, double concerto for violin and guitar, was premiered by The Gävle Symphony Orchestra with conductor Christian Karlsen, Catarina Chen, violin and Jacob Kellermann, guitar. The orchestral work Aphrodite – Fragment by Sappho, Love Trilogy – no. 1 was performed by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, conductor Mei-Ann Chen, and with Katija Dragojevic, mezzo-soprano.

Samuelsson’s music has been recorded on several albums including composer portrait cd:s such as Air Drum and The Sun Goddess. Her latest major works for orchestra appears on the album The Love Trilogy collecting four pieces released in 2019.

She was elected to The Royal Swedish Academy of Music 2005 and has received prominent awards such as The Ingvar Lidholm Prize and Bo Wallner’s Composer Prize.
Samuelssons orchestra and chamber music is published by Gehrman’s